Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get Stretched?

  • Assisted stretching is the best way to safely get your body and its fascia feeling mobile and relaxed.

  • Stretching releases the tension, stiffness and stress in your muscles.

  • Stretching will help build your flexibility, range of motion in your joints and hydrate your muscle tissues.

  • Stretching will help improve functional flexibility, thereby improving physical performance and reaction time.

  • It feels good!

What should I wear?

  • Comfortable clothing that you can move freely in.

  • For athletic stretches, shorts and loose fitting shirt work well.

  • Men: compression shorts under your athletic shorts, tank or t-shirt. 

  • Woman: shorts or athletic pants that can easily move above the knees, tank or t-shirt.

How early should I arrive?

Due to Covid, appointments are scheduled to reduce the number of participants in the studio at any given time. Please arrive just prior to your appointments.

How are our stretchers trained?

  • All Stretchers are trained in our Stretched Method. Our Method combines the practical application of the stretch reflex, reciprocal inhibition, neuro-muscular behaviors, and Anatomy Trains(R) with table based assisted stretching. 

  • Our therapists come from various backgrounds including licensed massage therapy, kinesiology, and other bodywork backgrounds. 

  • Therapists have to undergo extensive hands on learning, as well as a full curriculum and testing before becoming a Stretcher.

What is the difference between Stretching and Massage?

  • Stretching is performed with clothes on, reducing the anxious feelings sometimes felt with massage.

  • Stretching can activate deep postural muscles without the use of digging into sensitive areas sometimes felt during massage.

  • The benefits of stretching are seen immediately with increased movement in the body. As an example, the ability to bend over and tie shoes without strain.

Can I return my package?

  • Unused packages may be returned within 3 days of purchase.

Can I share my package?

  • At Stretched we believe that your friends and family would also benefit from stretching. So, you may share your package with friends and family members with proper authorization.

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