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Can Stretched Really Help Me?

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

When it comes to Therapeutic Services, the big question is always whether or not it will actually help. At Stretched, we’re here to tell you why that answer is yes.

To start, let’s clarify that this isn’t just some static stretching routine trying to pull your muscles in different directions. Rather, we are using a technique known as Assisted Fascial Stretching that is targeting your fascial tissue (more on this highly important tissue to follow). It may help to think of a massage, but rather than pressuring into the muscles, we are creating hydration of the tissue through a series of movement and stretching techniques. In other words, we are providing a table-based service to help manually affect your tissues and create a positive change in the function of those tissues. By re-hydrating the fascial tissue, we can promote better movement, circulation, mood, and function. The main difference between a Stretch and a Massage is that Stretch Therapy is targeting the fascial tissue, while massage is trying to reach the muscle. This isn’t to sell one service over the other, as they are both beneficial, but with Stretch we are looking to make a longer lasting change!

Now, if you aren’t familiar with Fascia, I would suggest taking a look at this article – What is Fascia? – but for now, let’s talk a bit more simplistically about the tissue.

Fascia is a connective tissue that surrounds all of the body’s organs, bones, muscles, and nerve fibers. Yes, that means it’s everywhere! It is a continuous structure throughout the body, otherwise called an “interconnected web” and it works to separate muscles, and provide a gel-like glide that promotes more fluid movement. On top of that, it allows for force to be transmitted from muscle to muscle across your joints. Can you imagine what would happen if your muscles were both unable to move smoothly along one another, as well as unable to fire correctly? Well, you probably can, and it’s that “stuck” feeling you’ve been experiencing.

When your fascia becomes “stuck” or adhered to your muscles, it takes away from the functionality of your body. With Stretched, we are hydrating that fascial tissue, which works to remove that adhesion and create a more fluid pattern in the tissue. Adhesions and stickiness in the fascia can occur from a multitude of reasons, including lack of movement, past or present injuries, trauma, stress, emotional wear, and much more. Because the fascial system is connected throughout the entire body and is home to your blood vessels, nerves, and lymphatic tissue, it stores all kinds of information! The more negatives that it stores, the tighter it will become, and the worse you will move.

So, back to the big question, how can Stretched help?

Through our series of stretching techniques, release work, and manual manipulations, we are providing a full body service to hydrate, elongate, and release the tissues. Whether you decide to become a member and receive Stretches each month, or you simply would like to drop in and receive a Stretch from time to time, there is going to be a positive affect on your body. By improving the health of this important fascial network, Stretched can help to promote better posture, improve flexibility and range of motion, increase circulation and blood flow, enhance physical performance, relieve tension and stress, and create an overall better feeling in the body. With all of the functions that Fascia controls in the body, it only makes sense to take care of this incredible system. Let us help get you back to moving better and feeling better. Reach out today and come get Stretched!

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